Camino del Norte and Picos de Europa

May 1 - 15, 2016 

We began in Comillas (west of Bilbao) along the northern coast of Spain looking out on the Cantabrian Sea (or The Atlantic Ocean as one might innocently call it). The next eight days were filled with unexpectedly spectacular views of the Sea to the north and snow capped peaks to the south. We were pretty steadily stunned.

We traveled from Comillas, to San Vicente de la Barquera, Bustio, Llanes, Cuerres, Ribadesella, and Colunga

From Colunga we left the Camino del Norte and drove inland into Los Picos de Europa.

Starting at the Cares Gorge, we began a four day circumnavigation of the Central Massif of Los Picos de Europa. For these days we were joined by much loved and appreciated Rosanna Laguia Schonhoff of Trek Esfera. She made these spectacularly beautiful and unexpectedly cold and snowy trails safe and possible for us all.

These days totally astounded us. I'll let the photos here tell the story.