Many years ago a friend surprised me by asking "Why don't you take a group of women into the mountains?"

"Will they come?" I wondered.

Turns out you will. With great joy and willingness.

Since then we've been discovering how much fun (and hard work) it can be to journey together - near and far. 

Just what is this? How does journeying together - wherever we may go - invite us into this? Can we slowly slip away from living life by the clock (or by the miles) as our senses stretch open to taste, smell and hear the unexpected? As we walk in beauty (and exhaustion) I wonder: What does this call up in each of us? Can these experiences invite us inward in search of resources we might have forgotten we have?

On both backpacking and trekking trips we begin and end the day together sharing simple words that focus and center us. We often begin the day walking in quiet. 

We also entertain ourselves on the trail with fungus and flower discovery, goofy humor, singing and moments of shared beauty and awe. We close the day together, sharing thoughts and reflections of the day.

We learn how to travel and live together, knowing we depend on one another. When backpacking, we carry and cook our own food in small groups. You learn the skills of hiking, cooking and camping safely and independently in the wild. Its quite something. When trekking, we stay in comfortable accomodations, enjoying restaurant food and a warm bed.

Every August since 2008 we've journeyed into the wilds of Washington for multi-day backpacks.

In May 2015 we launched our first international trip and walked 100km of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. 

In May 2016 we returned to Spain to walk a section of the Camino del Norte as well as trekking off-Camino into the magnificent and little known Picos de Europa. 

In August 2016 we journeyed deep into Glacier Peak Wilderness on a 10-day backpacking trip.

In May 2017 we returned to Spain, exploring the mountains in southern Spain and then traveling north to walk the last 100km of the Via de la Plata into Santiago.

In August 2017, we offered our first "Restorative Backpacking" trip - one day backpacking in, three days of savoring living in the wild in one beautiful location in the Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho,

Our second trip was a 10-day journey deep into a remote lake basin area in the Sawtooths.

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Silver Sage Sojourns, LLC is a small business based in the Seattle area providing unusual trips and retreats for women. I offer backpacking trips, trekking trips as well as retreats of a spiritual nature. Mostly Silver Sage Sojourns is  run by Kathie McCarthy. Most of my life I've worked as a counselor and a bodyworker. I've taught and supported parents of teens for many years. I've been a Wilderness First Responder since 2008 and have 10 years experience leading wilderness trips.



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