If you are someone who enjoys having Guide Books and Maps to pore over ahead of time, here are a couple of suggestions. I will say each of these took quite awhile to reach me since they’re being sent from overseas.

1. You want a guide book for the Northern Caminos (not for Camino Frances or any other Camino route). 

The one I have is through Cicerone. Its called Pilgrim Route The Northern Caminos.  This is the most recent edition of this book.


2. Also from Cicerone is a guide to the Picos de Europa.


3. The maps I have are from MAPS Worldwide.com


We will be hiking in the Central and Eastern portion of the park. Be sure you order the correct map. There is a similar one for the Western (Occidental) section.

4. Undoubtedly you will find other excellent resources, please feel free to share these with the group.